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Me, Myself & Eye. 

"I am a graphic designer and illustrator."

I love to make cool album covers like the rock albums I grew up listening to.

It was when I realized that the British art design group Hipgnosis were responsible for a lions share of my music collection I began my work.
I studied band logos until I could draw them on my school mates book covers in my sleep. I recreated large scale pencil drawings of my records and wallpapered my room with my artwork.

I sold my artwork to my friends so
I could buy more records to draw.

Forty years later, nothing has really changed.
I like that.



"I am a musician."

I can call myself this, or a rock-n-roll never-was,

it depends on how I am looking at it.

I have performed and recorded nationally for Polygram Records. I have written songs for Paramount's Famous Music Publishing for

several international artists.
Music and art go hand in hand.
As a musician, I am simply painting the air with sound.


"I am an artist."

An artist with a passion to learn.
I create because I have to. 
I consume art. 
And with out it?

I consume myself.
I ride motorcycle and race MOPAR.

I have a Doberman Pinscher named Psycho.
I dig cats.


Much L©√∑.

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