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Ok broads. We are going to try this again and see if you can behave yourselves. If you'd like to bring a lawn chair and come over here, I will be lifting weights all day today in the front yard wif my shirt off for my wife again. Going to be pressing.. oh, about, 525 - 550 lbs all day. Prolly a lot more. Might put on a little side show too... Prolly wif some roundhouse kick demonstrations. For sure jump off the garage a couple times for you. Not a big deal. Just some usual feats of strength and some stunts type shit. We will have sangrias and bbq chipses. And all my muscles. I would appreciate it if you and my wife could keep those yaps shut this time because I need to concentrate. This shit is extremely heavy and very, very dangerous and all that squealing & fainting is distracting for Me. It's muscle time, broads. Let's say... Oh... 2:PM. Ok then. ≠JJK$øƒM™.

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