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Johnny Jones & the Suffering Halos have been crowned by rock critics & fans as "Long Beach's Kings Of Hard Rock". 

Live on stage, the Halos explode in a trial by fire with Jones' haunting stage presence fronting a ferocious band of musicians. The Halos command their stage. A Halos show is an event.


Artist & Singer/guitarist Johnny Jones was born the son of a "Hellfire & Brimstone" preaching Baptist minister and a psychiatric ward head nurse. At the age of 16 he left the church choir and his strict bible belt home on a religious pursuit of Art, Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll. 


Jones relocated to Los Angeles from New York City and met his "right hand man" and songwriting collaborator Billy Blaze. Blaze, a drummer and guitarist with heavy international tour and eclectic recording session experience recently completed sessions with TSOL and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready.


With the addition of the thunderous bass virtuoso Greg Coates (Low Five as well as a live stint with Masters Of Reality) and the electric psychedelic fire of lead guitarist Bryan McIntyre (Wonderlove), the Halos had arrived. The Halos immediately became a headlining act in the underground Long Beach club circuit. Jones was featured along side David Baerwald and Bill Bottrell (Sheryl Crow) with Mike Martt's "Song Shop" Showcases, a notable feat for a commercially unknown songwriter. The Halos have performed 2 back to back years at Long Beach Festival "Beach Fest" main-stage. They have opened for Mike Watt, Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction's Banyan and Jello Biafra to name a few. 


The Halos sound is hard & heavy 70's art-rock. Jones' voice, lyrical content & unique guitar tunings combined with Blaze's 

concussive beat and the orchestral fury of Coates & McIntyre fuels the Halos sound. Influenced by bands such as 

Black Sabbath, Aerosmith ("Rocks" Era), Monster Magnet, Mountain, The Blue Cheer, The James Gang and Pink Floyd combined with Jones' love for strange & disturbing imagery, the Halos preach their gospel of psychedelic soliloquy and flame throwing apocalyptic Rock-n-Roll.



The Frequency Of Evil

The Icarus Wax


Give Me What You Got

Hollow. (Live)

The Knife & The Butcher Man (Live)

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